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Paula's Story

When I met Christina, I had been struggling with severe bloating, stomach aches, fatigue and brain fog for well over ten years. I had been to many doctors, even major hospital systems. Normally the treatment was a course or two of antibiotics, followed by an improvement of symptoms for 10-14 days and then my symptoms would return. After eating anything I would become extremely bloated, tired and uncomfortable. 


After talking with Christina, we discussed my diet, eating routines, my lifestyle and goals for the future. Those goals were to improve my overall health, to be able to eat and enjoy food again without feeling very bloated and extremely fatigued, to decrease my brain fog and try to eliminate that feeling of overall heaviness  in my gut. I often felt like I was carrying around a basketball in my belly. I wanted to be able to wear my clothes again without feeling embarrassed that I looked like I was 5 months pregnant.  


Christina had a wonderful way of zeroing in on my goals, personalizing everything and really listening to what was important to me. She has always given me exceptional nutritional guidance, innovative ideas and recipes and has taught me so much about nutrition. I thought I was somewhat knowledgeable  about nutrition, but when I  talk with her I realize how much I don’t know or understand. She has a wealth of  knowledge and a great way of sharing it. She has given me a multitude of recipes and foods that I can purchase that I never knew about. She has a great talent for listening and pinpointing the issues and then coming up with solutions. 


After years of working with Christina, I couldn’t have imagined that my symptoms would be this much better!  When I met her, my symptoms were present 90 percent of my waking hours. Now, I rarely have a stomach ache, the bloating has decreased from approximately 90 percent to 10 percent, my brain fog has cleared up so much and my energy level has increased tremendously. 


I will continue to work with her because it has and continues to improve the quality of my life. Before I met her, I wondered if I would ever find the answers that I sought. At times I was so discouraged.  Now I know if I have a problem, she either has a solution, a suggestion, or will help to find the answer. 


She has changed my life !

Jen's Story

I honestly don’t know where to begin.  Without meeting Christina, I don’t know where I would be today.


I have suffered from stomach issues for as long as I can remember, and it got to a point where they were unbearable. I was in constant debilitating pain, had been given numerous tests, but was told by doctors for years that there was nothing physically wrong with me. I began researching the things that could be causing my pain, and tried, on my own, to alter my diet to help myself heal, but was unsuccessful. I was frustrated and feeling defeated, when a friend that was working with Christina gave me her contact information.


Making that first call to Christina forever changed how I manage my health.  Speaking with her, hearing her story, and discussing the many natural ways we could tackle my issues, gave me the encouragement I needed to continue my fight to get my health, and, quite honestly, my life back.


We spoke about, and decided to do, MRT food sensitivity testing, and the things we uncovered with those tests were mind blowing. My body is unlike most others, and the things I was eating to try to help were, in many cases, things I was sensitive to. I was inadvertently doing more harm than good. Christina provided me with a plan and the support I needed to reset my system and begin my journey to a healthy me.


Christina is always open to reviewing anything I come across that I believe may benefit me, shares with me what she discovers, and never hesitates to reach out to her group of colleagues to see what clinical experiences they may have had with their own clients, that may also be beneficial to me. Her network of resources is impressive, and her desire to help her clients is, in my opinion, what makes her so special and so well suited to what she does.


Christina has helped me learn how to eat for my body’s needs. I eat more food, weigh less, and am in better shape today, than I have been in decades. I will never be able to repay the friend that gave me Christina’s name and number, and I will be forever grateful to her for all the care and support that she has shown me. I look forward to winning the fight for my good health with my body intact, and know that Christina will be by my side, with her wealth of knowledge and encouragement, every step of the way!

Angela's Story

I was struggling with not feeling well for years. Between the stomach discomfort, digestive problems, headaches, fatigue and low energy, I wanted relief from it all. And with being a new Mom I didn’t have time to not feel my best. I spoke with many nutritionists, however it wasn't until meeting Christina that I began to see results and feel better. We discussed how I may be struggling with symptoms of gut inflammation and together came up with a plan to work on healing.


Christina is not your typical meet, greet, and retreat nutritionist. She frequently checks in on my progress, shares valuable information and resources, and thoroughly explains my options. Christina bases her recommendations on science and has a wealth of knowledge in the field of nutrition and health. Christina has devoted time to advance her knowledge in order to ensure she can meet the needs of all clients. If you're looking to improve your overall health, Christina is the best in her field. I am thankful everyday that our paths crossed. 

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